I believe It’s Soul mate

Later, my mother and I have learned from Mr.Boonchoo Montai’s wife that he was peacefully passed away. We joined in his funeral ceremony to pay our last respect. After the ceremony, his wife hired a man to cut the grass in a garden. This Ford was unbelievably found! My mother called and asked me whether I wanted to keep the car because it had to be a lot repaired. Without thinking so much, I told my mother immediately that I did. Although the car was very decayed, its components like corner bumper, Up side down shock up, engine, gearbox, limited slip were still in good conditions. Don’t you know even the car was damaged and so decayed, many people wanted to buy it. I can say like this because I used to post the pictures of the car on a website and many persons called me to buy the car, truly said, the remains of the car.
How could I repair this car as it was very decayed? I had discussed this problem with Mr.Vuttichai Sorndaeng, the Thailand classic rally club chairman, and Mr. Jaras Chaengkamolkulchai, the rally champion of Thailand. I asked them whether I should find good condition bodyshell of 2 doors Ford Escort MK1 for the repair of my car. That’s the beginning of the hunting of another Ford. I have sought it via internet, forward mails and even the cars on the road and from my friends. Several months later, I have found an advertisement on internet, which had been posted for a long time. The price of the car was 45,000 Thai Baht (750 GBP). To get this car, I had to go to Nakhon Phanom, which is 850 km far away from Bangkok. Moreover, I never went there before.  More important, at that time, I did not have enough money to buy the car.

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