History of My car (Real Ford Escort Mexico MK1 in Thailand)

The story of this Ford Escort MK1 Mexico was begun when Mr.Sutthikiat Jirathiwat, the owner of Central Department Store, ordered the car for a rally in Thailand. Obviously, the Ford had been modified since it was in UK. In fact, the other Ford belonged to Mr.Chalerm Saranjit was imported for the rally as well. I know the bodyshell of his car has been currently repaired. These two cars have been participated in all rally programs like 24-hour Race at Hua Mark Stadium, Rally Cross at Asiana Circuit etc. At last, the Ford of Mr.Sutthikiat Jirathiwat was succeeded to “The Taxi Driver” as called by the foreign competitors or Mr.Boonchoo Montai, the well-known rally competitors of Thailand. He was called “The Taxi Driver” because he used to drive Toyota KE10 in a International rally event from Thailand to Malaysia. Even, he used the normal 12” radial tires, he was the winner and then his story had been narrated later. At the beginning, the both Fords were applied with BDA engine. However, the engine was changed to Kent X-flow 1300 cc when one of the car was belonged to Mr.Boonchoo Montai. Until now, I cannot find such BDA engine.
I guess that many people may wonder how I got this car. The story is that my father, Mr.Somsak Chermsirivatana, was navigator of Mr.Boonchoo Montai. Our families are very close to each other. My mother, Mrs Supaban Bhasitannont was also the navigator of him. After retiring from the Port Authority of Thailand, Mr.Boonchoo Montai lived in Saraburi Province. He collected the famous rally cars once driven in the stadiums there. I used to visit him in Saraburi with Mr. Manit Suktako, the owner of Tom’s Service rally Team and the father of Mr. Maram Suktago, whom I have been his navigator in Thailand Rally&Thailand Cross Country Rally.  Mr. Boonchoo Montai, at our visit, was quite strong and healthy. However, later I have heard that he was suffered from stroke. In 2006, I planned to visit him again as Mr.Nontimuk Chotisalikorn desired to buy this Ford. However, I did not meet him and was told that he sold all old cars in his collection.

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